How do you want to be remembered?

How do you want to change the world?

What will your legacy be?

A thoughtful charitable plan will help you address these questions while, at the same time, reducing your tax bill now and in the future.

The Fiera Capital Foundation can help.

Fiera Capital Foundation

Charitable giving made easier and more impactful.

While many generous individuals embrace the idea of creating a philanthropic legacy, most charitable giving is done without the benefit of a long-term plan. As a result, donations are typically made on an ad hoc basis.

By implementing a long-term giving plan, the impact of your donations will multiply and create a powerful legacy that can truly change the world. 

The Fiera Capital Foundation provides a framework t
hat allows you to build your legacy by creating a plan that vastly improves the efficiency of your charitable giving. The Fiera Capital Foundation is designed to offer a more focused and strategic approach to philanthropy, while also providing for efficient tax and estate planning.

Features of Fiera Capital Foundation

Funding: Create your account with a donation of as little as $100,000. You may also add further contributions anytime in the future.

Naming: You decide the name given to your Fund (e.g., John Smith Family Fund; Save the Whales Endowment, etc.).

Supporting: You decide the charities that will benefit from your generosity, as well as how much they will receive from your Fund. Your recipients must be Canadian registered charities or other qualified recipients.

Efficiency: Your Fund operates similarly to a Private Foundation, but without the upfront costs and administrative responsibilities.

Succession: You decide on the appropriate succession options for your Fund.

Benefits of Fiera Capital Foundation


Fiera Capital Foundation allows you to shape and define your legacy. Whatever your interests, whatever your passions, you can make a real and sustained difference.


Fiera Capital Foundation provides a mechanism that involves your family in your charitable plan. This assists in the reinforcement of the values you pass on to future generations, including the importance of giving back to society.


Fiera Capital Foundation gives you the flexibility to:

  • Incorporate a variety of different assets into your plan to support your charitable giving in a tax-advantaged manner
  • Support various charities close to home, across the country, and/or around the world
  • Decide on how you want your legacy to be managed well into the future
  • Choose an investment strategy that better reflects your philosophy and time horizon
  • 1% for investment management services
  • 0.25% for administrative services (i.e. legal, audit, granting funds to charities)


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